8 Health Benefits of Chilli Pepper

Chilli peppers have been used for culinary purposes for centuries. Especially on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, there is no self-respecting dish that does not have chilli pepper in its composition.

However, what many ignore is that this delicacy, has a wide range of health benefits.

If you´re part of the group of people who´s unaware of the list of benefits associated with the consumption of chilli peppers then this article is for you and it will surely surprise you.

Benefits of chilli pepper

Aids Digestion

There’s a popular myth that postulates the idea that chilli peppers delay digestion but in reality what it does is just the opposite. There are several scientific studies that prove that chilli pepper has a very positive effect on the digestive system which is why it should accompany heavier dishes.

Its not a coincidence that, on the island of São Miguel, chilli pepper is a mandatory presence in the most demanding dishes for the digestive system.

Indeed, because it stimulates the production of enzymes and salivary glands, chilli pepper contributes to good digestion.

In addition, this strain of pepper also stimulates gastric juices that improve the body’s ability to digest and metabolize food and toxins.

Relieves headache

Studies suggest that chilli peppers have properties capable of relieving migraine symptoms.

According to researchers at the University of California, capsaicin in chilli peppers helps to alleviate this troublesome problem that affects so many people. There are even pharmaceutical companies that are including this powerful ingredient in the formula of some migraine medications.

The same researchers also concluded that pepper oil is able to mitigate headache when applied directly to the temples. 

Helps to loose weight

When a correlation between chilli pepper and weight loss is stated, there are always those who are skeptical. However, the truth is that, due to its chemical properties, chilli peppers are natural appetite suppressants which, subsequently, reduce the amount of calories consumed daily.

In addition, chilli pepper is also a well-known fat burner, which is why many nutritionists include it in their patients’ diet because they consider it a very effective and natural thermogen.

Relieves joint pain

Chilli peppers have also proven effective in relieving joint pain because their consumption reduces the amount of substance P, a chemical that carries pain messages to the brain. When there is less substance P, the pain messages do not reach the brain with the same intensity, thus causing greater relief.

Other studies have also revealed that pepper relieves post-surgical pain as well as pain caused by nerve damage to the feet or legs caused by lower back injuries, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory action, chilli peppers also relieve inflammation and swelling caused by infections.

Mexican and Cuban boxing athletes make great use of chilli peppers to mitigate inflammation and joint pain.

Powerful antioxidant and immune system strengthener

Since it also has proven antioxidant properties, chilli peppers are effective in relieving ulcers, stomach pains, coughing and many other health issues caused by weakened immune systems.

In fact, for centuries, asian people have used chilli peppers as a medicine because they´re aware of its unique antioxidant properties.

It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese and bio-flavonoids that guarantee its powerful antioxidant properties.

We all know that vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant. Since chilli pepper has this vitamin in considerable quantities, it helps in strengthening the immune system, thus preventing inflammation and infections.

According to a scientific study carried out in 2015, it was confirmed that, of all types of pepper, chilli pepper is the one with the highest concentration of antioxidants, which is why its effectiveness as an immune system booster is widely recognized.

In addition, chilli peppers are particularly rich in carotene which is extremely beneficial against all types of ailments, including chronic diseases.

Promotes heart health

Capsaicin, a substance found in significant amounts in chilli peppers, contributes to reducing the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body.

In addition, chilli pepper, being a powerful blood vessel dilator, prevents arteries from contracting, which, in turn, restricts blood flow to the heart.

A study carried out in Hong Kong, showed that chilli peppers can contribute to heart health and subsequent reduction in the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Prevents diabetes

Chilli pepper is also very useful to prevent and treat diabetes.

Again, capsaicin and also piperine, substances in which chilli peppers are rich in, improve blood sugar and insulin reactions.

Chilli pepper is ,thus, indicated for diabetes control due to its set of fantastic properties.

Has anti-carcinogenic effect

Of the many benefits of pepper, few have been studied as well as its powerful anti-carcinogenic effect. This, again, is due to the high concentrations of capsaicin and piperine found in pepper that help to prevent and combat oncological disease.

Studies by the UCLA University of Medicine show that capsaicin can fight prostate cancer, as the substance has a profound anti-proliferative effect on this type of cancer.

Chilli pepper is thus an excellent condiment not only for seasoning food but also for promoting health. However, like everything in life, although this super food can and should be part of your eating habits, it should be consumed in moderation.