About Us

We are a small family business that ,since 1997, produces and markets taste, unique moments and tradition using homemade recipes that have been in our family for a long time.

We´re a small group of people that does things with passion, endearment and absolute respect for our culture, our ancestors and for nature.

We are the materialization of an old dream, of a time when living was much simpler and less confusing, when people ,although poorer , where less self-centered and lived in perfect communion with their surroundings and had time to enjoy life and share it with others.

All that characterizes who we are and this is the root and the essence of our beloved brands Quintal dos Açores and Dona Pimentinha.

Putted this way, our products are much more than Jams, Jellies, marmalade’s, peppers, pickles and regional spices, but ,above all, a link with the past since to taste our products is ,in a way, to travel in time.

That’s why we take great pride in our brands and it is with great care and dedication that we strive to maintain our Azorean identity as well as the quality and authenticity of our products.

This is our mission and, above all, our commitment to all our consumers.

How it all began

How it all began

It all began with a dream…

This dream started because we´re in absolute communion with tradition and nature and because of the genuine will to reveal our roots and our way of life.

We are, in a way, a tribute to our grandparent’s way of living, the backyard that each house in Candelária has or used too, agriculture that was the main way of subsistence, the seasonable fruits that were transformed into tasty jams, the wide variety of peppers, tomato pulps, and a vast range of pickles.

This way, and as if it was part of us and of our cultural identity, our beloved brands were born.

For everything to follow as planned, an accurate historical research was made in order to allow us to perfect our knowledge and manufacturing techniques.

That said, the year of 1997 was the genesis of our work and of the dream we cherish until today. In the end of 1998 we started producing our first products, initially confectioned only by the two owners, husband and wife, Fernando Sousa and Helena Sousa.

It’s imperative and fair to say that our company have been carrying further the name of Candelária, of the Azores and of Portugal, marketing its wide variety of products in all the Azores islands, in Portugal and in many other  countries, participating is fairs and in many other gastronomical events and already been awarded and acknowledged with several prizes.

Our plantation fields

Our plantation fields

We have 15 hectares of cultivation fields in Candelária, from where we harvest all the raw materials utilized in the production of all our products.

Our Team

Our Team

We are a small family business with a permanent staff of only 10 people. However, in the elaboration months of August and September we count with the collaboration of twenty seasonable workers.
Despite our small dimension, we have a considerable production capacity due to the dedication and effort of all those who collaborate with us directly or indirectly.

We have 15 hectares of cultivation fields in Candelária. It’s from these fields that we harvest all the raw materials utilized in the production of our products.