Azorean style Cod Fish


  • 4 cod loins ready to cook
  • 6 to 8 ripe tomatoes (about 700 g of tomatoes)
  • 1 dl of olive oil
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of Quintal dos Açores pepper paste
  • 1 sprig of fresh parsley
  • 1 egg, flour and breadcrumbs (enough) to bread the codfish loins
  • Half lemon juice
  • A teaspoon of wine vinegar
  • Sweet potatoes and lettuce


  1. Allow the cod loins to thaw in the refrigerator overnight;
  2. When cooking, dry the cod loins well with a cloth. Season lightly with a few lemon drops;
  3. Heat oil or olive oil in a frying pan (about 160º – 170º);
  4. Pass the cod loins through flour, egg and, finally, grated bread;
  5. Place the loins to fry and do not forget to turn them on all sides so that they cook and brown evenly;
  6. In total this process should take about 5 minutes, long enough for the cod to be golden and cooked inside without being too dry;
  7. Make the spicy tomato season. Pour the oil, the sliced ​​garlic and the finely chopped onion into a pan or a deep frying pan;
  8. Let the onion and garlic start to “pop” and reduce the heat slightly so that it does not burn;
  9. Let it brown for about 2 minutes and then add the peeled and undone tomatoes. Season with salt;
  10. Add the Quintal dos Açores pepper paste. (2 tablespoons, but add this amount slowly and making sure the sauce is not too spicy;
  11. Allow this tomato season to rest/mature long enought. At the end add a small spoon of vinegar to refresh and add acidity;
  12. Cut baked potatoes or yams into thick slices, fry them and then season with fine salt;
  13. Serve breaded cod with plenty of tomato sauce, along with the baked potato or yam and lettuce salad;
  14. Refresh everything with fresh chopped parsley.