Quintal dos Açores across the world

cabaz com produtos quintal dos açores

As we are a small family busines that resorts to tradition and homemade flavors, we bet on what our “backyards” in Candelária give us and take them to the Azorean table, with unique flavors made with love and dedication.

Anyone who thinks of ground pepper, thinks of our beloved “Dona Pimentinha”, a brand recognized and cherished by most Azoreans and also by many tourists.

With several cultivation fields of our own, our production ranges from jams to tanneries, from honey to regional spices, where quality and harmony with nature are guaranteed values for both our brands – Quintal dos Açores and Dona Pimentinha.

For this reason, we are “in the mouth of the world” and, in this article, we show you some references made to Quintal dos Açores.

Açores 9 is a digital daily newspaper that aims to encourage not only reading, but also to inform the world of what is happening in the Azores. From politics, sports, general culture to events, you can find here a lot of information about the Azores archipelago and also what is going on in the world. In addition, it has a comment space, where its readers can debate and give their opinion.

You can read the reference to Quintal dos Açores made by Açores 9, about our innovative, different and quality products that help to value our agriculture, here.