9 culinary uses for jams and jellies

9 usos culinários para compotas e geléias

Jams and jellies have long been part of the eating habits of almost all of us and are, in fact, very fun and tasty ways of consuming fruit and giving life and color to snacks and breakfasts.

Be honest and tell if you don’t always have a jar of jam or jelly at home?

However, what some of us are unaware of is that these tasty delicacies are not just for spreading on bread as they can and should be consumed with other equally delicious foods.

In this article we share some incredible ways to use jams and jellies, which go far beyond the simple bread roll.


With cheese

If there is something that goes perfectly well with jams or jellies, its undoubtly cheese, whatever the kind pleases you the most.

The combination of cheese fermentation with the sweetness and acidity of jam or jelly creates a unique sensorial experience. If you are a cheese lover, try combining it with pumpkin jam, physalis jam or even pineapple jam and get ready to have a big smile on your face as we guarantee that this is what will happen to you if you try any of this combinations.


With Pancakes or waffles

It is quite rare to find someone who does not like a good and fluffy pancake or waffle, as it is one of those products that normally pleases everyone regardless of age; yes, because sometimes adults have a bigger sweet tooth than children.

In truth, who doesn’t like to accompany a good cup of tea, coffee or chocolate milk with a delicious pancake or waffle? Yeah. And what do you usually put on top? Maple syrup ?, honey ?, butter? Well, next time try adding your favorite jam or jelly and prepare yourself for a totally different sensory experience.

And before you ask what´s the best jam or jelly to make it happen, the answer is simply, the one you like best because there is no strict rules here so do what you feel like and have fun.


As ice cream topping

Ice cream and sorbets are also one of those delights that please both kids and adults. Who doesn’t like a good ice cream especially in the summer?

Well, there are two ways of consuming these sweet wonders: the ordinary way or the creative way in which you can use, as toping, your favorite jam or jelly.

Try combining vanilla ice cream with blackberry jam, or chocolate ice cream with passion fruit jelly or pineapple jam. Here the sky is truly the limit. 


As a filling or topping for cakes and pies

In Portugal we usually say; Why cotton when you can have silk?

Have you ever thought of filling or topping cakes and pies, such as sponge cake, cheescake, pavlovas, among many others, with your favorite jam or jelly? No? So what are you waiting for, try it and you’ll see that the final result will be quite a tasty surprise.

In the recipes we make available on our website ( we share some recipes for delicious desserts made, filled or topped with jams or jellies.


With yogurt

This is a very interesting and creative way to consume jams or jellies other than with bread or toast.

Try adding your favorite jam or jelly to a natural yogurt (preferably sugar free) and you’ll see how it will become much tastier and healthier than the flavored yogurts sold in stores as they have chemicals that you won’t find in jams.

Put a spoonful of jam or jelly in your yogurt and start the day with a big smile on your face!


As a sauce for meat and fish

Jam or jelly as a sauce for meat or fish dishes? Yes, you read it well, although it seems something unusual, the final result will make you surrender to the evidence.

In fact, in many countries, fruit jams are often used as a topping for red, white meats and even fish.

How about trying it for a change? Try combining passion fruit jam with salmon or pineapple jam with pork meat.

In addition, red wine-based sauces also combine very well with red fruit jellies, such as strawberry or blackberry.

If you are a meat lover, don’t be afraid to try these exotic combinations as we guarantee that they will exceed your expectations. Well, lets just say that if you try it you may thank us later.


As a salad dressing

Who said that eating salad has to be boring and with little (and sometimes no) flavor?

Olive oil, vinegar and various dressings are commonly used in salads to make their consumption more fun and tasty. How about going a little further and trying other ingredients that are guaranteed to bring added value to your salads.

Try adding honey, various fruits, jellies or jams. We suggest unusual and bittersweet combinations like grape jelly with balsamic vinegar or even pepper jelly with organic virgin olive oil.

Here, once again, the sky is the limit, so let your imagination run wild and let yourself be carried away by experimentalism.


With sausages

If you are fond of sausages such as chorizo, sausage or blood sausage try taking the consumption experience to another level by accompanying your favorite sausages with pumpkin jam and with different cheeses topped with pepper or passion fruit jam.

Does it seem strange to you? Well, when you try it you will regret not having done it earlier because the result is, literally, to cry for more.


To fill or top cookies and crackers

Making cookies or biscuits at home is not at all difficult because on the internet you can find literally hundreds of recipes for all tastes and preferences.

How about taking advantage of those cold and rainy weekends to stay at home and try some of these recipes whose final result you will eat while watching that film that you had planned to see for a long time curled up in a blanket with a very hot tea or coffee in one hand and some tasty cookies in the other? Sound good? How about raising the bar and stuffing of toping these tasty cookies with your favorite jams or jams? Sounds good, don’t you agree? Well then, why are you still reading this article? Run to the kitchen and start experimenting with the recipes that seem most irresistible to you.

With this article we hope to have aroused your curiosity and willingness to try some of the possible culinary uses of jams and jellies that go far beyond just being used on bread or toast. We hope you enjoyed it and that all of our suggestions are to your liking.