Who are we

We are a small family business that since 1997 produces and markets taste, unique moments and tradition using homemade recipes that have been in our family for a long time.

We are a small group of people that does things with passion, endearment and absolute respect for our culture, our ancestors and for nature.

We are the materialization of an old dream of a time when living was much simpler and less confusing, when people ,although poorer , where less self centered and lived in perfect communion with their surroundings and had time to enjoy life and share it with others.

All that characterizes who we are and this is the root and the essence of our beloved brands Quintal dos Açores and Dona Pimentinha.

Putted this way our products are much more than Jams, Jellies, marmalade’s peppers, pickles, regional spices and liqueurs but above all a link with the past since to taste our products is in a way to do a journey in time.